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XC and TRAIL -  Having a good wheel is definitely the best modification that a biker can do, simply because it is the component that most influences the ride, rotational weight and wheel design has a large effect on speed, smoothness and rider fatigue. 

Whether it's a XC competition or a Sunday club ride with friends, the Explorer offers you a great package. A light rim that decreases resistance and increases the fun of riding designed with a 23mm internal width that creates an excellent tyre profile improving traction, control and precision. The new hookless rim technology increases the resistance to shocks, by creating a stronger edge. The tubeless ready profile means you can now move your bike onto to tubeless setup. Forget the inner tube and the punctures that ruin your day. At the centre of the wheelset is the strong and reliable NITRO hub that offers smoothness and reliability over time.

We this is what we want to provide with the EXPLORER wheelset, be confident to race, ride, adventure with one wheelset that can perform capably, has modern technology and is affordable. 

3 years Warranty and Crash Replacement service

Weight: 29" 1560g

Internal Width: 23mm 
External Width: 26mm
Profile Height:  18mm

Spokes: Alpina 2mm
Weight Limit: 100kg
Maximum Pressure: 3 bar / 43 psi