Pinguin Tritan FAT 1000ml Bottle

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The Pinguin FAT 1000ml Bottle is light, clear and nearly unbreakable. Made of high spec Tritan ™ from Eastman.  It is BPA and odour free, dishwasher safe. 

Wide mouth bottle allows for fast fluid transfer and assists with manual cleaning.

The bottle comes with a practical water strainer used for example if infusing fruit in the drink bottle. The bottle has a scale on the side marking 50ml fluid increments.

Bottle fits perfectly in your AcePac FAT Bike Bottle Bag for Bike Packing (available separately) for expedition, recreation or even for taking fluids to work or school. 

Don't buy a new disposable bottle every day, re-fill this Tritan bottle and help to protect our green planet!

Dimensions: ⌀92 x 213mm

Weight: 141g