AcePac Bar Roll Large 16ltr (inc Drybag)

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The AcePac Bar Roll can be mounted on a wide range of handlebars, straight or riser type. The bar connectors are designed not only for attachment but to maintain the spacing of the bag from the handlebar and protect the brake and gear cables. 

The Bar Roll has reversible, roll top closures at each end for weatherproofing and easy access to clothing and equipment from either side. The main material is a Cordura Ripstop Ecomade made from recycled PET bottles. 

For added weather protection the Bar Roll is lined with a removable waterproof Dry Bag which is held in place with velcro tabs. Once rolled, the bags openings are secured with high quality Duraflex Xlite Easy Access buckles. The bag is designed so that it is possible to regulate its volume by rolling both sides inwards allowing the pack volume to vary between 8-16L.

The Polypropylene straps (100% recycled) are made with a textured surface which prevents buckle slip. On the underside of the Bar Roll there is additional reinforcement with a strong and wipe clean weatherproof panel. 

All the load bearing seams in the bags construction are strengthened with Bartack (ZigZag) stitching using high diameter fibre for maximum strength.

It is possible to connect the Bar Roll to the side compression straps of the Flux Backpack for extra luggage space or to keep valuables close by when separated from your bike.  

Main Bag: Cordura Ripstop Ecomade - Water Resistant Coating PU 1500mm H20.
Dry bag: Nylon Ripstop - Water resistant Coating PU 5000mm H20 + taped seams.
Buckles: Duraflex Xlite Easy Access Buckle (Fracture Resistant to -20°C)

Dimensions: ⌀18.5cm / 30-60cm wide
Volume: 8L - 16L 
Weight: 480 grams
Guarantee: 3 Years

AcePac Bar Roll Large 16ltr (inc Drybag)